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Job Title : Owner and Creative Director

Years in industry:

17 years


I have worked in various big and small photography studios and wanted to bring the best of both together; the personal touch of a small studio with the expertise and high level of work and service that some of the UK’s largest photography studios offer

My Team:

Are all hand-picked for their professional skill and flair but just as importantly, they are vetted by means of offering exceptional customer service and being versatile enough to work on campaigns and projects of any size

My vision:

To offer a comprehensive, creative and fulfilling solution for every customer, whether you come to us for family portraits or to shoot a look book for your brand – no booking is too big or small!

My input:

I aim to be at the studio most days, unless if I have meetings or am working on a location shoot. It is important to me that my team, at all levels, always know that they can approach me when they need something. Whether that’s organising a full light kit for an external shoot or buying rainbow coloured eyelashes for a beauty shoot, I am always on hand to ensure that every booking is fun for everyone involved.

I absolutely love:

Watching my creative team develop – as individuals and a collective. There is something really rewarding about watching budding new photographers and makeup artists build their personal portfolio and go from assisting others to heading up big commercial projects within the space of just two to three years. Hard work always pays off!

Favourite part of my job:

Rewarding my team! This can be from the feedback we receive daily from satisfied customers to organising our annual Christmas and Summer parties. They are all the creative backbone of my business and it’s their teamwork that make Studio 52 London unique.

I am particularly proud of:

Seeing creative talent that I have supported develop into creative geniuses that challenge and lead in their field. My office and production team are equally amazing – the work they do in bringing the images we have produced to life for our clients is the icing on the cake. There isn’t one person who works for me that I would ever want to do without – I am proud of my fantastic team!

Our industry is amazing:

Every aspect of the creative industry offers support to the most mundane businesses. We can help the makers of organic teas communicate a beautiful visual message of their ethos to the world, just as we can create an attractive series of images for a HR Advisory Firm to bring them ahead of their competition. It is beautiful to watch how seemingly ‘boring’ products and services can use our impressive visuals to communicate a really enticing message!

If I didn’t own this studio I would:

Probably be trying to start one – I simply love what I do and can’t picture doing anything else!