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Job Title : (Senior Photographer)

Years in industry:

15 years

Trained at:

Istituto Italiano di Fotografia (Milan)

Loves doing:

Shooting unique & challenging fashion editorials, classic family portraiture & beautiful boudoir photography

Most fun job:

Photographing rugby players in ballerina tutus for a pharmaceutical campaign!

Craziest request:

Doing a 'family shoot' for six cats – all dressed in outfits to illustrate who the mother, father three boys and one girl were.Odd but super fun and the shots were incredible!

Top tips:

Trust me – I have vast experience in working with thousands of people. Ranging from toddlers to professional models I understand how to guide you to the perfect pose, no matter what your experience is.

Do some research into the type of shots you are after; feel free to show me examples and be honest about your expectations – that way I can interpret how to meet them and give you what you want.

I suggest that you:

Look for inspiration in magazines and feel free to bring these along to show me what you have in mind. Consider what is realistic and prepare to enhance your best assets and features. Tell me what you are hoping to achieve – whether this means that you really just want great photos but don’t have a particular vision in mind or you want us to recreate an iconic Monroe shot – either way, I always have a plethora of ideas to bring to the table!

I cannot stress enough that the best you can do is come as you are – being you and giving me insight into what makes you tick and what you do for fun will help us both achieve stunning results. If you aren’t too sure about particular styles or looks then this really isn’t a problem as I will happily take the lead.

Here it is important to note that chances are that your favourite t-shirt and jeans combo might just be the best one!

I always get asked:

Canon or Nikon?

– Canon, always! I love my Canon kit and most photographers just have a preference for one over the other.

What’s the secret to taking a good photo?

– For me it is important to connect with my subject as we both contribute to a successful shoot. I’ll always take the lead and if you trust me to follow it, I guarantee you that the results will speak for themselves.

Retouching, are you for or against?

– Neither – to be perfectly honest, I think that good retouching can compliment an already great shot and bad retouching can totally ruin it. There isn’t a one-fits-all solution; my style of photography is to achieve naturally beautiful portraits and if they need that ‘little extra something’, then our amazing post-production team always do a perfect job!

If I wasn’t a photographer I would be:

Running a restaurant in my family’s village in Southern Italy – and probably be eating pasta all day!