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Job Title : (Senior Makeup Artist)

Years in industry:

11 years

Trained at:

London School of Beauty & Makeup

Loves doing:

Natural beauty – it requires more time and product than you’d think!

Most fun job:

Working on hair shows with top celebrity hairdressers of the world

Craziest request:

Painting a skulls face over three hours for two seconds of video time.

Top beauty tips:

Always start with a clean, well moisturised face. If your base is prepped everything goes on much more easily. I love Elemis Beauty Flash Balm.

Don’t try to create someone else’s face on yours; look at your features, enhance what you like and keep the rest natural.

I always carry:

Elemis SOS Cream. It soothes redness, burns, itches, everything! Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream is also a staple in my kit; it’s multi purpose and great for moisturizing the lips whilst you do the rest of the face.

Favourite commercial project:

Shooting a Russian artist in a burnt-out house for Men’s Italian Vogue. The atmosphere in the house and the artist made this a very unique and interesting experience.

I always get asked:

If I like my job?
– Absolutely!

How to make lips / eyes / hair  look bigger?0
– I would always start by saying that you should work with what you have got. If you have fine, straight hair the truth is that it will never look like Eva Mendez’ hair in the L’Oreal commercials – find your best features and work at enhancing them, i.e. if you have small lips then put focus on your eyes instead.

If I wasn’t a makeup artist I would be?
I haven’t really considered doing anything else but it would probably be something in the creative industry, such as a Graphic Designer.